Is love blind?

Love is blind is a famous saying that I think everyone knows. But is this the truth? For me, I feel that love, true love, is not blind. Lust is blind because it is driven by passion and by desires. But love is more than just desire and passion. Love is when you know how to let go when you can appreciate the other for who they are. Love is wanting the other person to become better but knows that harsh criticism and negative speaking does not do anything but hurt the other person. Love is patient, kind, love strives through all problems and wants to find solutions. I love writing about both lust and love, and I love writing about true love. But I also do not wish for what I write to feel like it cannot happen and therefore take the concepts of what true love is and make sure my characters can show that. And for me, true love is more than what people like to portray it. Yes, true love is forever, but it is also understanding and can let go. That is what true love is for a fellow human being. Whether it be with family, friends, or a life partner, true love is forgiving, kind, and there to help the other person grow. If you truly love the other person you will want them to become a better person. But through love, you help them through understanding, not negativity.

So love is not blind because if it was then how could you be kind to be understanding, be forgiving? You have to have your eyes open to who the other person is, you have to accept who they are and what they are capable of, and be patient. The only time we become blind in love is when we love a person so much, we do not wish to see their faults. But real love realizes that no one is perfect.

What are your thoughts on love is blind?