“True lust knows no bounds. Marriage or otherwise” – Ahmed Korayem

I have often talked about love, well today I’m going to talk about lust. Lust is not like love, but it can be a powerful tool in writing. Because lust is that attraction two people can get even if they are all wrong for each other or in love with another. Lust is when two people cannot take their hands off each other, that intense connection that when they look into each other’s eyes they want to kiss each other. Lust is that moment that all you can think of is laying there naked with the person in front of you. Although we do not always give in to our lustful desires, which is what makes us different than animals because we can show restraint. Lust is fake but can feel so real. There is no rim or reason to lust. It can come and go as fast as the wind, yet can feel so great at the moment but can have very bad consequences. Lust drives many people and so I like to use lust sometimes in my writing. Although I do believe that lust can slowly turn into love, lust is kind of a driving force of attraction that one person has for another and it can in any way. It is that passional link that a person has for another. I say that you can have lust without love and you can have love without lust, but the fun part is having lust and love together.