Love conquers all

There is nothing more powerful than love. Many people may argue with me on this but at the end of the day, money and knowledge, and whatever else you can think of that can be very powerful, but love is the top. Love can be more powerful than money, than knowledge, than the mind. Love can conquer all, but the key here is belief and true love. You must believe in love and understand what true love is. Lust is so prevalent in our society today that people tend to think it’s love when it’s just lust. When you can say that you will die for another, whether family, friend, or partner, that is when you can say yes this may be love. And yes many can say I would die for something or pet or money, but the love you can have for a fellow human being is much more strong than anything in the world. I say this because I believe that with love, we can do anything, we can have peace, kindness. With true love comes understanding, listening, comprehension. This is how I believe and will keep writing about the love that people need to find, that true love.