Love can overcome the worse situations

In life, we all go through many different situations, some bad some good. Sometimes it can seem neverending and frustrating. Yet with these life problems comes a chance to overcome. I feel that the best way to overcome the worse of situations is through love. Everyone goes through a moment of despair, a time of no money, a world-changing event. But what allows us to move through these events with more resolve? Love. When we have love, we feel like we can handle anything the world throws at us. I like to write with this mentality sometimes. I have a character that life had destroyed her yet when love finds her and she finds a way through all the traumas. This is what I love to write. I love love, true love. There is nothing better than true love, and I do believe everyone deserves it and should always thrives to find it. And for those who think it’s impossible, well true love is in everything, it’s how we love our kids, our parents, our life partners. But first, true love must be found within ourselves for it to find us. I do believe in love, and I will forever believe in love.