True love

Is true love real? Is it possible to have true love in real life? I believe in true love and believe that it is real. But I see it as a build between two people. Yes, in my books, I write about love and two people meeting and having true love in the end. But I do believe that love is something built between two people who really care about each other. And when you have true love, there is no reason to bail out of the relationship. True love is something that lasts a lifetime and then some. True love is not something that can flee away. It stays. Yes, people make mistakes, but if there is true love between to two people, then nothing cannot be solved or fixed. But true love, I believe, is rare. Because it is something you must work on, it wont just happen over night. So, if you find love, work at it make it turn into true love because that is something that lasts and is something rare and precious to find.