Summer is coming

I love every season because, each season, you can see the romance within the season if you genuinely look within it. Summer is on its way, and for some may already feel like it is. Summer is great for many reasons, people go out more, do sports more, and in summer people seem to have more fun, and of course, we cannot forget vacation time. It’s time for relaxing and enjoying the moment. When it comes to summer romance, people may think, how can it be romantic? People are active, which means sweaty, not romantic. But I see it differently. I see picnics at the park, lying on the beach with a loved one, and hot tubs and pools. These places can be very romantic and can create a romance with new people who meet. So I love each season. Although I have my favorite season (and it’s not summer), I can see the romance in everything and every season. You just got to look at something from a different aspect, from a romantic perspective.