Romantic to me

Have you ever thought that something so usually done in someone’s mind seems romantic in another? Well, I came across this situation. Men are not always thinking about giving flowers or chocolates or taking you off to hideaways or some romantic adventure. Although these things are great, of course, not all men are apt at such things. But I sometimes find it’s the things they do that seem normal to them yet can make a girl feel like she is a queen in their eyes. Like when your guy goes out of his way to help you out with something to make your life easier or brings you a bag of candy or coffee, he knows you like it because he thinks of you, which is more meaningful than flowers. To me, making me feel like I am someone you want to hold onto makes me feel more loved than any gift a man could give me. Being romantic is how we show that we care, so why put a tag on it and say that being romantic is this or that. I say if it makes you feel special, then it’s romantic.

But maybe for you, it is something else. We all have those little moments that we love and feel a greater attachment to our man because of specific actions or words from our man.

Let me know what makes you all romantic and bubbly inside by leaving a comment. I would love to hear it.