Technology and love

In my previous blog I vaguely mentioned how love has sort of changed with technology, but the root of love is still the same. What has changed is not the love itself but how we approach finding love. I do believe this is something worth knowing. Technology has allowed us access to more people, which allows us to find many people to find love with. In many ways, this is good because we can meet more people and have a better sense of what it is we want in our partner. However, there is a drawback, such as with more access to people it is harder to actually find love, true love. But not impossible. It is only with more choices that can actually make it harder for people to find and then keep the person that is true to them. But we can find love and keep it, we only have to make sure that when we have it, we do not lose it by losing ourselves because when we come to face with many options, it seems that people tend to change themselves to get certain people by what they see and not by the heart. I find that yes we should be attracted to our partner, but what we see is not love. Love is built over time spent with a person, by seeing their faults and qualities and the need of being with the person in a healthy way.

Technology does bring us so many more advantages, and I can see so much good that can come from it. But to believe that love can be made by technology, no I do not believe it. Technology can help two people come together and they can fall in love, but it cannot replace or make love. Technology is great for meeting new people and encouraging people to fall in love, but it takes two people wanting to find the right person first for love to thrive.

What are your thoughts about love and technology?