I have to apologize for skipping my blog posting on Sunday. I had to spend my day at a hospital, but all is well now. As I was there for hours, it did make me think of how much hustle goes on at a hospital that people may not inquire to see what kind of good can come from a place like this. And yes it was a long and tiresome journey, it was also an eye-opener on certain factors in life.

Take an older couple that I watched as I waited on my turn, how they were in for just one person but they stayed together and leaned on each other for support. That is the perfect picture of what true love is, that even in the worse of times, you are there for each other, caring about the outcome.

As I watched around the room, I could see how much some had people who cared and some were on their own. It was sad to see these people who were on their own and how depressed they looked. I, myself, had someone with me, my daughter, and it made me see how grateful I was because I did have people in my life who loved me. Not everyone has people in their life like this, yet we all need at least one.

Sitting there for hours, made me also think about my writing and stories that I cannot wait to write. But that will be in the future. Once my turn came and I was done, I thought how love was such an important factor in life. It is what gives us the power to keep pushing, to keep living. And that is more important than air. Because without love, there is no point in life.

What are your thoughts?