Love and heartbreak

In the midst of heartbreak, we can find solace in the aftermath of the heartbreak. You may hurt at first, but in the end, you can see it as a benefit to yourself to have gotten through such heartbreak. Love and heartbreak go hand in hand. Not all love stories turn into heartbreak, but that without pushing past the fear of heartbreak can you find love. One thing I do know is giving your love away can be hard, giving your heart even harder. But one thing that I have learned through my experiences is that heartbreak is always a possible outcome of love. But life without love is a sad life. It is finding that one person who you find a value that the worth of loving them outweighs any of the possible costs of heartbreak. That is what I believe we all should do. So we should all find that sweet spot, that person who we are willing to risk our heart for because at the end of the day life without love is lacking. And love is so worth the risks to our hearts.

How do I apply this in my writing? Well, what is better than reading about a character who is scare of heartbreak again. And as this character develops through the story, their heart opens up to find another to love. I think this is a great part of a story, the characters are what I love to attach myself to. Because when it comes down to romance books, we all know how they mostly end, with the two characters in love together, but it’s the character’s development and their journey that we are reading. So heartbreak is very much a part of any romance story because it is a part of love, which is what we romance writers write about.