When your love story starts with heartbreak

Often when writing, my character starts with heartbreak in some form or fashion. As I mentioned in my last blog, heartbreak is very much a part of love because we can fall in love with a person who is not meant for us. But heartbreak can extend to more than just falling for someone who is not meant for us, it can just be broken because of circumstances of life.

Take my newest novel, one of the main characters, the king, suffered from a heartbreak, which turned him into a tyrant as a king. The novel is written with this heartbreak in the forefront. It is the cause for the book and for this man to finally meet the right person for him.

I find the many times our love stories, whether it be in a book or real life, start with heartbreak first and then we move into finding the right person and the real love that is for us. Not that a love story cannot start without heartbreak, but look at all great love stories in movies. Let’s look at the notebook movie, there is heartbreak before the actual love coming together. Take the titanic, that is all about love and heartbreak. As much as we as people wish to never go through any kind of heartbreak, to be able to find that special person that is meant for us, we have to go through heartbreaks and learn and grow and then we can find that right one that is meant for us. Only a lucky few find their person from the start.

How does your love story start? I would love to hear them.