Love is all about being kind. But being kind does not mean allowing bad people a free-range. I think it’s important to understand kindness so that a person can understand kindness. Kindness is being there for another person in good or bad times. Kindness is being understanding of another and sharing the best of themselves with others. This can be very hard to do because not everyone knows the best of themselves. Kindness is the opposite of thinking of oneself. It is to think of others, about who they are, how they are doing, and what they need. That is what kindness, true kindness is. It is all about how you see others around you.

How I can apply this in my writing, well when writing love stories, kindness is not always there for people. But when love shines through those people who may at first not be kind, will exhibit signs of kindness because they love. Take my second novel, change of heart. It is all about how love can change a person. And the main character in this novel, the king, has to learn kindness and he learned through love. Love is a strong factor in everyone’s life but it is to see what real love is and a piece of real love is kindness, true kindness.