One facet to love is patience. But what people do not realize is that patience does not mean allowing another person to walk all over you. It means to want to take the time and effort with another person that you value. In the dictionary, patience is described as the ability to wait after something. But waiting for something does not mean waiting forever. This is what is important to differentiate between being patient because of love and being over the top. Love is not so patient that a person gets hurt. Love is the kind of patience that allows the person to wait for the right thing in their life and not the wrong thing.

How do I apply this concept in my writing? Sometimes when writing a character, the character needs to have some patience because the character that they fall for they need to wait after. In my writing, sometimes I have one character that starts with not wanting anything to do with the other, yet the other knows that they are meant to be and need patience. Also knowing how to have the lack of patience also can get a different side of a character. Understanding what patience is and how it works with love allows a writer to create a variety of characters. And knowing the different facets of love helps build good strong characters, who may have flaws but can also have qualities.