Envy, boasting, and being proud

Certain things are not considered love and when a person exhibits these characteristics, it may mean that they do not really love. Envy: wanted what another person has. It is a pillar of not love. Therefore if a person envies the other that they claim to love, it isn’t true love. Boasting and being proud, but are also good indicators of no love. However, there is a difference between being proud of yourself and your accomplishments and being just proud. It is okay to be proud of oneself but when you become overly proud and push onto others what you have done, that is when it goes too far.

These characteristics are great to use in writing because as a writer, we can use these characteristics in order to bring about those who could be considered the villain of the story or even a role in a story of the belief that you are in love with a person when in reality you are not. This is something I like to use in writing love stories. Because people can make mistakes and a person can believe that they are in love with another to find out that their true love is just waiting around the corner. These characteristics are just as important to consider when writing a love story as many other parts we as writers must consider.

My main goal is to write a beautiful love story and I love using what is true love to bring people together within my stories. What do you like to use?