Love is many things but it isn’t self-seeking or selfish. When there is true love between two people, there is no I when thinking of the other person. However, people do not always understand what is selfish and self-seeking and what isn’t. wanting time for yourself is not selfish. Wanting to do things for yourself isn’t selfish or self-seeking. We need time for ourselves so we can fill ourselves with love to give to others. Allowing our partner time is important. And this is where sometimes love is not there. When you have problems with your partner going to spend time with themselves, this would be being selfish and self-seeking because true love allows the other person to be who they are regardless of their faults. So if there is true love, then there is not selfishness or self-seeking attitude like keeping a person for ourselves.

It is important to understand what selfishness and self-seeking means because it makes a difference in whether or not love is really there. Love is all about caring and sharing, which means as much as you want to share everything with the other person. You also care that they need time for themselves or want to do things for themselves.

As a writer, we often write a character who uses love in the wrong way. The character may think that they love a person, but we use the things like selfishness or self-seeking to show that they really don’t love the other person but lust after them. We can use these ideas for different kinds of villains in our stories.