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And it has been a year

Love, what can I say about love? Well, apparently, a lot since I am hitting a year of blogging. This week has made it a year since I blogged and talked about love. There is so much I have said, and so much more I can say. Love it. I feel the most important thing on earth. Look at any religion. They all talk about love in some form or fashion. Look at history. Love is always present in every war, in every adventure, some form of love is always present. This is why I believe that love is an essential part of life and the one thing that makes us so unique creatures on earth.

Love is what moves us, inspires, and guides us. Whether it is love for ourselves or love of others, love of family or that one special person, our decisions revolve around love. Our decisions are always good would be wrong, but I bet they are always done because of love. To say that we are loving creatures would be false because there is a counter to love, which is hate, which is also very present in everything on earth. I say let’s choose love, not hate. That is what would make the world a better place. To choose to love everything and not just one person or ourselves would genuinely change the world because with love comes understanding and respect. How could bad happen if we all made our decisions with love in our hearts? And for everyone? Yes, I said we make all our decisions with love, but sometimes that love is misguided because it turns to hate for someone else. We can love ourselves and others without hating another. That is the right kind of love I want everyone to find and have. 

So here is to another year of talking about love and maybe ill put some personal things about my love life this coming year.