Love is

There is more to love than what is in the bible verse. I find that so much more needs to be discussed what love is. One thing that is not widely discussed that true love is, is having someone else complicate your life. Because essentially that is what love is. When you love another, you allow the other person’s wants and needs to fill into your life which can complicate your life. But when there is love, this is not a burden, it is desired. You will not be angry or impatient because the love that you have for the other person is far grander than any complication and allows you to look at solutions then complaints.

Love is also fighting against or even not seeing the temptations that are in front of you. What I mean by this is that a person who truly loves another will not be temped or have the urge to push their temptations of being angry or impatient. Instead of being critical, a person who loves another will be encouraging and helpful. This does not mean that the person will not tell you when you go wrong. Because a huge part of love is wanting the other person to be their very best. But when they love another, they go about it as a helpful desire for change and not in a bad critical way that pushes down the other person or makes them feel guilt, anger, or a lack of self. Love uplifts another even when the person has to say something that encourages change in the other.

Love is making a conscious commitment to another even if there are moments in time that can be hard. This commitment and the love that one person has for the other allows them to not only stay committed but to create a world of we can do this together. That is what love does, true love.

Love is so many things. it is all that is good in the world and something everyone should look for and want to give back.