Love is so much more

Love is so much more than what a person can think. Sometimes it is indescribable. But what makes a difference between it being love and not just lust? As I have written in prior blogs, there are many ways to see love and to know if it’s true love and not lust. One thing that shows love is honesty in all things. But this honesty needs to be attached to being understanding when there is a misunderstanding. This means that you have to be able to admit when you make a mistake or misunderstand. Love is learning and growing with another person, not just pushing the other to change or only changing yourself. Love is a partnership between two people that involve caring for each other’s growths and understanding their downfalls.

Love is a remarkable thing and I love to write about love. And in my writing, in my novels, I do write about lust but it is the love that is important in my novels that make the story so remarkable. Yes, one can start with lust and it turn into love or a person can go straight into love. But that’s what makes writing love stories so fun and unique and why I love writing about love so much.