Love is to set free

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.

Richard Bach

This quote expresses the idea of if you truly love someone and they love you if you set them free then they should come back to you. But I would say this would depend on circumstance. Because sometimes a good fight is what is needed and sometimes letting go is better for you. It all comes down to the circumstance of what is between the two people. Can two people who are truly in love end up far apart for a time and come back together? Yes, I do believe this is possible. But if there are major issues between two people who now broke up, the better option would maybe to let go. I believe, when it comes to love that we may love a person but they are not meant for us. This is the time that letting go is because you love them. But if a person is meant for us, letting go may not be the right option. Maybe fighting for them would, but you have to examine and do what is best for you. Love is wonderful, but oftentimes people believe it is love but it is not, it is lust instead. And this is where letting go can help you see if you truly love a person because it takes a strong heart to let another go through kindness, through tolerance. This is the key that most people forget. Love is not bitter or careless. Therefore letting someone go may be difficult, if you truly love the other, you can do it through kindness and understanding. That is what love is all about.

As for this quote, I do believe that it rings true in some ways. Because if you truly love a person you can let them go. The only missing part to this quote is to let go through kindness and understanding and through tolerance that is the missing piece that shows a person where they truly stand, whether it’s love or lust. and now after writing this I have a new idea for another novel.

What do you think about the quote?