Is love real?

Of course, I would believe love is real, but for the purpose to prove it, I will put my bias nature aside and look at it from a different perspective. Love can be hard to see and therefore can be easily believed to not be real. Also, lust and attraction can fool people to see love when there is no love. Love is an emotion that people use to determine a deep connection and care for another fellow human. And because this is something impossible to measure, a person could believe that it does not exist. But on the other hand, can any emotion be truly measured? Emotions are not something concrete. Therefore a person can say that they are happy, but are they really happy? This can make a person wonder whether any emotion is real.

Like any emotion, love is felt not seen, or heard. One could say that love is similar to the wind. The wind is felt not necessarily seen or heard. And someone could argue that I can see the wind when it pushes tree limbs. The truth is that you are not seeing the wind, but the effects of the wind. And in this case, that same can be said for love. We can see the effects love can have when a mother runs into a building on fire to save her child. This is an effect of love and there are many ways of seeing this effect.

So with looking at this love factor in this way, is love real? I cannot see it as not being real. Why? Because at the end of the day, how we feel is real to us and therefore it is real to us. Love may not be tangible or measured, but it is just as real as anything else on this earth.

What are your thoughts?