Something I had to share

I watched a video on Facebook the other day and it was a very romantic way for a man to show how much he loved his woman. Here is the scenario: the man had to go on a trip and left behind four roses in four jars with each a note for each rose. He also left the main note that the girl read first telling her that when each flower dies that she is to read the note attached to the flower. As each flower died, she read the note and each time it was nice things telling his woman how much he loved her no matter what would happen. Days past and each flower died except for one, the one that has a note with the title love. The man comes back home to his girl, tells her he missed her, and asks her if she got his notes. She tells him that she read all but one because the flower was not dead yet. He tells her to look at the flower closer and she realizes that the flower is a fake rose. He then tells her to read the note. She opens it and it is written that his love for her is like this flower, that it will never die.

This is a very romantic thing to watch and actually brought tears to my eyes. I love it when men think outside the box to show their woman how much they love her. But I realize that not all men have the capability of thinking romantically like this. But we as women should look at other things that also show how much our men love us. Some men can show, yet some men it is how they treat you or what they go out of their way to do for you. We cant all acquire a man romantic like the one in the video, but each man has their own way of showing us how much they care for us, you have to look and what the man does for you and not just think that you wish to have some really romantic man. Each man is romantic in their own way, whether it is in giving you flowers or arranging a romantic getaway, or if it’s just showing up and taking you somewhere that you need to go or doing something for you that is an inconvenience to them. A man will show you how much he cares in one way or another if he truly cares about you. You just got to look.