An Observer

A great writer is an observer of life


As a writer, I find that we become good observers of the world. Well maybe not all writers, but I am like this. I am an observer of the world and people. I watch people’s behaviors, how they react in different situations. I watch as life can throw problems at people and see how they get out of it. I am an observer and I think most great writers are part observers. As a writer, I do know we need a creative spirit, but we also need to be observers. For how else can we write how this or that happens to people. Take a writer who wishes to describe a fight between two characters, even if these characters are aliens, we still use certain mannerisms that are human and for us to describe these, we observed if first.

As writers, we become good at observing. We are the creator of stories, yet we are also the storytellers of life. This makes it crucial for us to be good observers. And what makes a good observer, just watching what others do? Yes, watching what others do is a part of being an observer. But to be a good observer, we need more than just watching, we need to be able to ask the right questions when needed, to analyze and see through what people say and do. It is not just watching people, an observer is so much more.

Do you think being an observer is important for any writer? How would you describe being an observer? Would love to hear comments.