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Love for material things

Let’s start with an easy one. This is basically self-explanatory, but there is more to it than just love for stuff. In my life experiences and studies, I have found that there are different levels to this love, ranging from not extreme to extreme. There is a healthy love for stuff and a balance in it, but like in anything, some people overdo it. Now, what does that mean? Well, everyone has things that they love and enjoy in life. There is nothing wrong with wanting what you want. Where it becomes a problem is when the thing takes over your life. This, like in any love, is extreme. And when I mean take over your life, there are different ways this can happen. One way is always wanting more. In life, I find the happier people, the people who live in love, are grateful for what they have, and never look at the world through goggles of what more I can have. This does not mean they would not like stuff or want a specific something. It means that they understand that it’s ok not to have everything and are happy with what they already have. They see value in what they have and love life. They live in love. Another way is to hold onto something so deeply that it has more value than the people in their lives. I have found these people lack the understanding that, yes, sometimes we have a memento or an object that has more value, like something from a person we care about. But holding onto something so strongly that if we lose it or it breaks, it’s like the end of the world is unhealthy. As well as when we hold onto something so deeply, we tend to forget what else is around us.