Foolish love on amazon

Sam Bleack, raised with ruthlessness, bound by piracy, is unique by nature. Sam Bleack was feared by most, and the Bleack name was despised by all. Only one thing made this pirate different from the others: Sam was a girl. Conrad Rutledge, the Earl of Rustlebridge, with revenge in his heart, vowed to eliminate all with the Bleack name. Seeking revenge encouraged him to encounter Sam. At first, with hatred, they wanted to kill each other, but then a deeper feeling began to emerge, making them not know whether to pursue their feelings or their hatred for each other.

Change of Heart on amazon
James was born a king who ruled with an iron fist. Stronger and taller than most men, he frightened all. He was good at combat and skilled in the art of war, but when it came down to the more delicate things, like women, he was rough and overpowering with them. He had been hurt before, which caused him to live by anger.
Even though there were many boundaries to what women could do, Katharine liked to break all the rules. Determined to fight for what she deemed was right, she did not shy away like all the others when confronted by the king.
When James first met Katharine, he felt annoyed and lustful. He had never met such a female, unfearful of any consequences. On the other hand, she felt hatred for him with some other feelings lingering around that she did not quite understand. But she is desperate to change him into the king that everyone deserves.